~Here, you can find a breezy hill, a fruit atelier~

Fruit-picking & Direct sales shop

At Fruitelier, you can find direct sales of seasonal fruits and fruit-picking experiences. By allowing the fruits to ripen on the trees until the last moments, their original tastes can be enjoyed to the maximum. Customers can taste freshly-picked fruits that ripen on the trees because our facility is managed by fruit producers directly. Please come and enjoy fresh pears and grapes from July to October and strawberries from December to May.


We opened a café in October 2018 with the hope that more people can know the excellent taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables directly after harvest.Please come and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with your family and friends in a spacious café surrounded by greenery, adjacent to the farm and direct sales area. We also offer season-limited menu.



Driving direction : Kyushu-jidoshado
・Drive about 15min from Kurume IC(about 6km)
・Drive about 10min from Hirokawa IC(about 3km)
Public transport :
・Take a taxi from Nishitetsu-Kurume Station.
 It may take about 15 minutes.
・Take a taxi from JR-Kurume Station.
 It may take about 20 minutes.
※Fruitelier is across from “JA Kurume Fujiyama nougyou souko” If you can’t find us in car navigation, you can search “JA Kurume Fujiyama nougyou souko”